American Jews don't know enough about Israel. Even among those who care deeply, many lack a basic understanding of the country, its history and he daily reality faced by its citizens.

I am committed to reversing the trends and strengthening the connection and commitment felt by American Jews toward Israel. It's no easy task, but lately many others have identified this as a worthy challenge. I do it through a unique blend of current events, history, culture and perspective that aims to help people understand not only why Israel matters but how it can fit into their own lives.

Recently, there has been  plethora of writing and speechifying about the crisis in Israel-Diaspora ties. But we don't need to cry "Gevalt!" We need to make the relationship a priority in schools, Federations, camps, synagogues, community centers and social organizations. It's time to stop talking about the problem and to start working to solve it.

It all comes down to two key words: Education and Information. I strive to educate, and to provide others with tools to educate, Americns -- Jews and non-Jews, children and adults -- about Israel, and to convey enough information to enable them to see the country and its people throu multi-dimensional lenses. There's more to Israel than terrorism, peace talks and political crises, and you need to delve into many areas in order to understand the big picture.

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